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Board of Directors

Are you interested in being a School Board Director?

We need a Director for District 2 and 3! If you'd like to learn more about being a School Board Director, please visit our Director information page.

The Tukwila School District Board of Directors is made up of five elected members of the community who are responsible for the oversight and governance of the District's operation, including the following areas:

Communicating with the Board

If you would like to share feedback or a concern with the board, you are welcome to communicate with the entire board via email. While members of the community are welcome to email board members or the superintendent independently, the best way to ensure all board members simultaneously receive the same information is to use the email address below, which sends an email to all board members at once. All emails sent to the school board, or any district employee, are subject to public disclosure.

If you're interested in addressing the Board during a meeting, please visit the Public Comment page for more information about the various ways you can submit a statement or sign up to read a statement.

Carlee Hoover

Carlee Hoover, President

District 1

Current term expires in 2025

Jan Bolerjack

Reverend Jan Bolerjack

District 2

Current term expires in 2023

Charley Simpson

District 3

Current term expires in 2025

Edna Morris

Edna Morris

District 4

Current term expires in 2023

Dave Larson

Dave Larson, Vice President

District 5

Current term expires in 2027

Student Representatives

(Dennis) Bao Nguyen

(Dennis) Bao Nguyen

Senior Student Representative
Alex Brewster

Alex Brewster

Junior Student Representative