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Board of Directors

Reverend Jan Bolerjack

Reverend Jan Bolerjack

Director District 2
Dr. Bridgette Agpaoa Ryder

Dr. Bridgette Agpaoa Ryder

Director District 3
Edna Morris

Edna Morris

Director District 4
Dave Larson

Dave Larson

Director District 5

Student Representatives

Harpneet Kaur

Harpneet Kaur

Senior Student Representative
First page of the PDF file: StudentRepresentativetotheBoardofDirectors-presentation-09162021

Board Docs (Agendas, Meetings, Policies)

To contact all five Directors, please email

Board Meetings are listed on the District Calendar and typically are every other Tuesday at 6:30pm. Remote meetings are held via Zoom and the link is on the calendar event. 


School board members encourage public participation. Your civil input is appreciated. If you would like to address the school board during a virtual meeting held under the Proclamation by the Governor amending Proclamation 20-05, 20-28 Open Public Meetings Act and Public Records Act, follow these steps:

  • Prepare a written statement that will be attached to the Public Comments Agenda Item. 
  • Please identify yourself and the subject (a title) for your statement. Please include your name, phone number, address or email address. 
  • Submit your identifiable written statement via email to Deborah Kohr at no later than noon on the day of the Board Meeting.  Statements submitted after the deadline will not be considered at this session.
  • Statements should be no more than 300-500 words or up to 2 pages double-spaced. Please limit your written statement to this guideline.
  • Identifiable submitted statements will be read aloud during the public comment period. 
  • The Superintendent will follow up with you, if action is needed.
  • If you would like to address the school board anonymously, you may email the Board at Statements and/or comments sent to the email address will not be read aloud during public comment. 

Note: Persons with disabilities needing special accommodations should contact the Tukwila School District Administration office at 206-901-8006 at least two business days prior to the date of any School Board Meetings.

Serving on your Local School Board

Acting on behalf of the people of each community, the Board of Directors will fulfill the following functions:

Vision: The Board, with participation by the community, shall envision the future of the school district's educational program and formulate goals, define outcomes and set the course for the school district. This will be done within the context of respect for our diverse community, and with a commitment to educational excellence and equity for all students.

Structure: To achieve the vision, the Board will establish a structure, which reflects local circumstances and creates an environment designed to ensure all students have the opportunity to attain their maximum potential through a sound organizational framework. This includes employing a superintendent, developing and approving policies, formulating budgets, setting high instructional and learning goals for staff and students, and nurturing a climate conducive to continuous improvement.

Accountability: The Board's accountability to the community will include a system of continuous assessment of all conditions affecting education, including assessments for measuring staff and student progress towards goals. The public will be kept informed about programs and progress. Staff and Board training will be provided to ensure continuous improvement of student achievement.

Advocacy: The Board shall serve as the key advocate of students and their schools. The Board shall work to advance the community's vision for its schools, pursue the District's goals, encourage progress and systemic change, and ensure that students are treated as whole persons in a diversified society.

Student Representatives

The Tukwila School Board has two student representatives who sit at the board table and participate in each meeting. Each June, a new junior from Foster High School is selected for a two-year term to replace the outgoing senior representative. Student representatives act as a two-way conduit, making sure their peers’ voices are represented at the district level and bringing back important board business to their school so that students are aware of what’s happening.

District Boundaries (PDF)