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Budget Information

Joined by Dr. Pedroza and District CFO Amy Fleming, the Tukwila School District hosted two insightful discussions on May 29th and June 6th, 2024, regarding the recent financial status update. These events provided community members with opportunities to engage with district leadership, gain insights into the current budget, and ask questions about the district's financial planning and priorities. Participants contributed to ensuring transparency and fostering a collaborative approach to the district's financial future. We appreciate everyone's input and involvement in these important dialogues.

June 6, 2024 Community Budget Discussion

First page of the PDF file: Final_FamilyFriendlyBudgetInfoSheet1

Interested in sending a letter to the Washington State Legislature to advocate for increased funding for education? Check out the following letter template and consider sending it to Tukwila's representatives! Link to letter: TSDLegislativeLetterTemplate.docx

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