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Levies and Bonds

On February 13, 2024 we are asking our community to consider two levy renewals:

School districts in the state of Washington rely on these main sources of funding for our schools: the federal government, the state government, and local funding measures. You can learn more about the breakdown of our budget here.

K-12 education in our state benefits from the support of local communities, enabling districts like ours to supplement state funding. This collaborative effort ensures that our students have access to a high-quality education, along with the necessary resources and dedicated staff to empower their success.

Educational Programs and Operations Levy (EP&O)

The EP&O levy renews an expiring levy that our community approved in 2020. It accounts for roughly 13% of the district’s overall budget and funds day-to-day operations of the district. This levy continues funding for:

  • Staffing positions such as nurses, counselors, community liaisons, qualified substitute teachers, and custodians
  • A portion of Special Education services 

  • Academic programs such as:

    • Band

    • Art & Music

    • World Languages

  • Textbooks and instructional materials

  • Transportation for students

  • Opportunities for extracurricular activities such as:
    • Clubs & Athletics

The EP&O levy was last renewed in February 2020 by our community. It is set to expire in 2024.

Technology and Capital Levy

The Capital levy renews an expiring levy that our community approved in 2020, and provides technology and capital costs that are not fully funded by the State. The 2024 Technology and Capital levy renewal would help fund:

  • Technology that supports our technology plan for 2024-2028

    • Chromebooks, laptops. Presentation boards

    • Maintenance and software

    • Staffing and professional development

  • Facilty spending to improve our schools including safety and energy efficient upgrades

    • Replacing, repairing and upgrading existing equipment

    • Upgrading wireless infrastructure, network servers, internet, emergency communications and other technology resources

    • Replacing elementary school boilers, playground equipment, interior lighting, heat pumps, HVAC and sound systems

The Technology and Capital levy was last renewed in February 2020 by our community and is set to expire in 2024.

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