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Welcome to Tukwila School District Athletics!

My name is Gabriel Gutierrez and I am the District Athletic Director here for the Tukwila School District. Sports have been a big part of me my entire life and I believe they have shaped me into the person I am today. I am a strong believer in sports being a great influence for our kids. Somewhere they can build relationships, build a great work ethic, and most importantly have fun! These are all things they can take away from sports and implement them into their everyday lives. Our goal as the Athletic Department is to get our kids socially and physically active at an early age, and continue to build great habits for them to carry with them in the classroom and their respective sports. 

Thank you to everyone in our Tukwila Community for all your support! We as a community are here to build and grow together, and we all appreciate it very much. Please use our Athletics Page to keep up with any updates and upcoming events. We look forward to seeing our Tukwila Community, alumni, and friends at any of our upcoming sporting events.

Athletics Offerings

Gabe Gutierrez

Director of Athletics

Breanna Adamiak

ASB Bookkeeper, Athletics Secretary