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Career & Technical Education

C.T.E. stands for Career and Technical Education. This refers to the preparation for a vast array of careers that don't necessarily involve a college degree, yet still require significant training and experience. School, at its most basic, is a means of preparing our youth for the lives and careers ahead of them.  While college focuses academic studies on a particular discipline, not all careers require a 4-year degree, and many require a different kind of training and certification.

Career and Technical Education is about preparing students for job categories that possibly fall outside the scope of a 4-year degree, yet still require preparation.  To this end, the Tukwila School District has focused on the skills needed by Western Washington’s largest employers. Local job data is used to determine which C.T.E. courses will be offered at Foster High School as well as other considerations. C.T.E. Course Frameworks contain all the academic standards, 21st Century Skills, Performance Assessments, and Leadership Alignment needed to successfully teach a C.T.E. class. These components of C.T.E. classes ensure Tukwila School District students gain exposure to on the job skills, industry certifications, leadership activities, and common core academic standards. There is a large focus on breaking down barriers that limit equity for our students which has led to a high percentage of non-traditional students participating in the C.T.E. Programs.

CTE Staff

Jeffrey Baker

Executive Director of CTE, Data & Technology Services

Jason Wilke-Nguyen

Administrative Assistant