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Manufacturing and Robotics

The products we buy have to be created and assembled.  Everything from soap dishes and frying pans to refrigerators and microwaves has to be created from raw materials shaped into parts and assembled. Boeing is in the business of manufacturing aircraft and they've been the heart of Seattle's economy since the city's founding.

Amazon uses robotics to move large quantities of goods quickly at its warehouses. 

One of Boeing's unique needs is a blending of mechanics and electronics. The two professions rarely intermix, but they MUST interact to safely and effectively create airplanes. To that end, Mechatronics is a science specifically targeted to Boeing, where students learn the principles of mechanics and electronics in conjunction with each other.

The Tukwila School District has partnered with Renton Technical College to develop a pathway specific to the science of Mechatronics.

Matiah Shaman teaches Physics, Robotics, and Metallurgy in Construction.