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Early Childhood Learning

Modular Classroom Addition at three Elementary Schools

To meet the requirements of the Bond objectives to support early learning in lieu of building a Birth to Kindergarten Center, the District plans to add six (6) pre-kindergarten classrooms, two (2) at each of the elementary schools listed above. To accomplish this goal, there will be one (1) modular classroom building, approximately 1,900 SF, added to each school facility at a location to be determined. Each modular will house two (2) classrooms, likely for 5th Grade classes that will move from the existing facility. The two (2) vacated existing classrooms will be renovated to provide two (2) new pre-kindergarten classrooms. Work will include adding bathrooms, possible casework, new carpet, new lighting fixtures, and painting at each classroom. A playground for pre-school students will be updated or replaced at each elementary.  
Construction is expected to start early 2019 and be complete by Fall 2019.