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Foster High School



Area Additions

  • New Classroom Addition (16-18 added classrooms)
  • Add Auxiliary Gymnasium space
  • Expand Weight Room space
  • Expand Student Commons area

Remodel Existing Spaces

  • Re-purpose existing space to expand School Administration
  • Re-purpose existing space to expand Student Counselling area and add a Career Center
  • Re-purpose existing space to accommodate specialists and itinerant staff with adequate work space
  • Re-purpose existing space to add Family Liaison/Parent Information Center
  • Re-purpose existing space to enhance learning opportunities
  • Meet potential class size reduction standards
  • Increase building capacity for future students

Systems Upgrades/Replacements

  • Replace flooring
  • ADA upgrades for code compliance
  • Upgrade air distribution system to enhance air circulation and indoor air quality
  • Upgrade the air distribution control system
  • Replace boiler
  • Refurbish existing electrical switchgear
  • Replace existing emergency generator

Site Improvements

  • Increase staff and student parking capacity 

Foster High School Baseball and Softball Field Renovations 

  • The existing grass and infield brick dust was renewed with a synthetic turf field including:
    • Removal of 6” of existing materials and haul off site
    • Concrete curb the perimeter of the baseball and softball fields
    • Drainage upgrade
    • Install synthetic turf fields
    • Add javelin runway
    • Add discus pad