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Teaching & Learning

Welcome to the Teaching and Learning department!

We hope to inform and educate our school community about all that is happening with regard to instruction and curriculum in the Tukwila School District. TSD uses data to inform their decisions and continually updates and fine tunes the instructional program in an efficient and ongoing way to assure that our students receive a rigorous, well-articulated course of studies while in our Pre-K-12 program. On these web pages, we hope to keep stakeholders up-to-date on our latest educational initiatives, provide links that will assist parents and community members in understanding the initiatives and provide ways that families can support or encourage students at home.

Tukwila Definition of Curriculum

Glossaries of Education Terms:

Teaching & Learning Staff

Dr. Millicent Borishade

Chief Academic Officer

Stephanie Chen

Director of ELL, Early Learning, and Elementary Education

Jennifer Jones

Director of Special Education

Theren Hayes

Instructional Technology Specialist

Ian Sample

Early Career Mentor - Secondary

Jane De Mello-Long

Administrative Assistant, Special Education

Pedro Lopez Chaves

Multi and Dual Language Instructional Specialist