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Curriculum Review & Adoption

The Tukwila School District revised its Curriculum Materials Review and Adoption Plan in early 2017. The plan has been fast-tracked to ensure that current, standards-aligned materials are in the hands of all teachers as soon as possible. Each adoption cycle will also include a strong online component for all materials, moving us toward our goal of students being able to access learning anytime, anywhere.

Curriculum Materials Review and Adoption Plan 

Please note: the review/adoption cycle remains somewhat fluid; if, for instance, one adoption requires less professional development to implement than originally planned, another adoption may be moved up in the timeline.) Updated August 2017.

K-5 ELA Adoption update (April 2017)

Curriculum Council

Headed by the Teaching and Learning Department, the Curriculum Council oversees the review and adoption process. The council meets from 4:00-5:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month.  Membership is made up of building principals, academic coaches, one at-large representative from each school and Library Media Specialist representative. Curriculum Council approves curriculum and adoption recommendations and discusses issues of concern in the areas of curriculum, instruction and assessment district-wide.


Contact Ted Howard, Chief Academic Officer, 206-901-8032.