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Technology Services

The focus of the Technology Services Department is to support our students and staff by providing the tools, technology and services needed to increase student achievement in all areas of their education. We are responsible for ensuring that all of our systems are aligned with student learning goals, and the District’s strategic plan in preparing students to be “tech-savvy, tech-literate." Through assessments and data, we will ensure the continuous support of the educational priorities of our District.

The Tukwila School District is 1:1 for technology for all students. This means that there is 1 device for every 1 student. Kindergarten has iPads at a rate of 1 device between 1 student. From 1st grade to 12th grade, they start learning to use a keyboard, and have access to Chromebooks.

All students 1st grade and above have access to Chromebooks, with online data storage.  Access to the web is no problem, because all buildings in the district are 100% WiFi enabled.

Tukwila is a Google-based district. Email and online functions are based on a Google shell, which is a modified version of Gmail specifically for education.  This means that users' documents and files are accessible from any place where they can access an internet connection.

We are customer focused.

Technology exists to serve our customers - students, teachers, staff, parents, board, and community members. We strive to understand current and anticipate future collective TSD needs. We meet and exceed our customer’s requirements and expectations.

  • We actively research the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • We ensure that the objectives of Technology are aligned to the needs of our customers.
  • We clearly and consistently communicate the needs of our customers in the work of Technology.
  • We measure customer satisfaction and act on the results.
  • We systematically and carefully manage relationships with our customers.
  • We ensure a balanced approach to satisfying the needs of our customers and the needs of our team.

Technology Services Staff

Hsian-Yu Kuo

Director of Information Technology

Lenny Wood

Network Administrator II

Eric Estorga

Technology Specialist II

Pam Brundage

Technology Specialist I

Jason Wilke-Nguyen

Administrative Assistant

Shelby Abrahamian

Data Analyst, Assessment Specialist III