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PARENTS, please instruct your children not to pry keys off Chromebook keyboards.

While this may seem an odd request, it happens weekly in all grade levels.

Logging In

The login for a Chromebook in the Tukwila School District is the s-number and the student's date of birth.

The username is simply the s-number. It does not matter if the s is UPPER CASE or lower case. Enter s followed by the 7-digit number, which starts with 01. For example, s0123456 or S0112233.

The password is the student's date of birth. Use a 3-letter month, with the First Letter capitalized, such as Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr. Do not put a 0 in front of the day if it is 1 to 9. Put all 4 digits for the year. If a student was born 9/1/15, then their password would be Sep12015.  If they were born 7/23/08, then their password would be Jul232008


Having trouble hearing on Zoom? Check the sound settings. Click the time for the Settings menu. Make sure the Sound settings are at least halfway across. Click the right arrow to open the next menu. Make sure the sound on this menu is also at least halfway across.


Updating the OS

To update the Operating System (OS)

  1. Sign in to the Chromebook
  2. On the bottom right, click Settings (gear icon)
  3. On the left, click the menu symbol (3 bars
  4. Scroll all the way down
  5. You'll see the current OS version.

Taking a Screen Shot

To take a screen shot using a Chromebook, hold the Ctrl key and press the Switch Window key.

Screen shots are saved as PNG files in the downloads folder.

Selecting Content

To select "all," hit Ctrl + A.

To select specific content, use Ctrl + Shift + (left or right) arrow.


Downloads are temporary. If a Chromebook runs out of space, the Downloads folder will be purged. Files you wish to keep/protect should be moved to My Drive, or another permanent storage location.

The Downloads folder can be opened in a browser by clicking Alt+J

The Downloads folder can be opened in the files app by clicking the App Launcher in the lower-left corner and clicking Files. Shift+Alt+M also opens the File Manager.