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Superintendent's Student Advisory Board


The Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board brings together student representatives from grades 5-12. This board is a special place where students can share their thoughts, advice, and ideas directly with Interim Superintendent Dr. Concie Pedroza and other school leaders. We will meet throughout the school year to learn about what's happening in the district and share our feedback. This feedback is super important because it helps guide the work of the district, making sure our voices are a big part of how things happen in the Tukwila School District.

Our district has some big goals, coming from our strategic plan, they are:

  • High Expectations and Excellence for All
  • Engaged Learners
  • Relationships
  • Equity & Empathy 

Dr. Pedroza and the district team want to work together with us to understand what students need, find good solutions, and make sure new ideas are put into action. To do this, the Student Advisory Board will look at different things the district wants to do, based on these goals.

For the Student Advisory Board Application for the school year 2023-2024, our mission is simple: to give students a chance to share their thoughts and ideas directly with the superintendent.

We know that each student has a unique point of view and school experience. The Student Advisory Board wants to focus on students who believe in the values of antiracist actions in Tukwila SD. We're looking for students who care a lot about representing their own experiences and the experiences of other students at their schools.


Applications due: Friday, February 9, 2024 by 11 pm. 

Questions: email Deborah Kohr at  

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Imagine you are the voice of your fellow students, and you have the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas directly with Superintendent Dr. Concie Pedroza. In your responses to the following three questions, consider how you can represent not only your own experiences but also the experiences of other students at your school.
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You will need to receive one letter of recommendation from a teacher or administrator.

Click here to download the application: StudentAdvisoryBoardApplication.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Deborah Kohr

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent & Board of Directors