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Deborah Kohr

The Board of Directors has an opening for Board Director Position No. 1.  If you are interested in becoming a candidate for this vacancy, please note the following qualifying criteria: 

  • United States Citizen
  • Qualified Voter Resident in the School District
  • Reside within the appropriate Director District - District 1 (district boundaries map linked below) 

A person may become a cadidate for a position on the Board by filing a declaration of candidacy with King County Elections during the established filing period as prescribed by law.  

There will be a special candidate filing period August 4th through August 6th.  Any person who files for this position will be listed on the November ballor. 

The links below will provide additional information: 

King County Elections - Candidate

WSSDA - Serving on your Local Board 

Board Policy No. 1110 - Elections

Board Procedure No. 1105 - District Boundaries

Board Budget Priorities for 2021 - 2022 Budget
Deborah Kohr

Strategic Goals and Board Priorities



Our Mission:

Tukwila School District Mission is to create a learning community that supports and empowers students, staff, and families to reach their greatest potential.

Strategic Goals and Board Priorities

Our Mission: Tukwila School District Mission is to create a learning community that supports and empowers students, staff, and families to reach their greatest potential.

# 1 Create a culture of equity, trust, honesty, respect, and positive relationships.

  • Staff Appreciation Event. Budget includes $7k for the 2020-21 staff appreciation event. - All staff should be acknowledged. Some examples, staff breakfast, star awards. Make this more inclusive and more than just an annual event, maybe monthly to diversify instead of just one big event. Due to COVID, not sure what this will look like for 20-21, but the budget is available.
  • Need quality input from non-staff community members and students. We will continue to communicate and recruit through our website/ social media and word of mouth.

#2 Develop a clear focus on engaging students through the design of instruction through curriculum, experiences, work, and supports to ensure student achievement.

  • Race and Equity. MSOC funding increased from $10,000 to $75,000. The 2020-21 budget includes additional Professional Development (“PD”) payroll funding for trainings and discussions and includes funding for any supplies and materials that will be needed.- District Administration have had 2 training so far and is in continued partnership with PSESD.

  • Creative Learning Labs: Equitable access at each elementary school. There is a teacher at each Elementary doing the CLL virtually and have the necessary tools to be successful.

  • Design and implement an academic acceleration program for all students with a special focus on the 40% of students who are 2 or more grade levels behind.
  • Summer School for students that are below grade level expectations, highly capable students from categorical funding source and students that need credit recovery. Funding will be based on grant awards. – School have allocated Hi-LAP poverty dollars for summer school. If the second round of ESSER is passed, we can allocate funds for summer school as well.

  • Increase collaboration with our community and faith based organizations, i.e. Boys and Girls club.
  • Establish and maintain community partnerships/relationships and increased communication.

  • Social and Emotional Learning support for staff and students- Sound Discipline is working with the Building leadership and Ruler has been rolled out to Leadership.
  • K-3 class sizes to maximize state revenue. The District achieved a K-3 class size of 17 in 2019-20 and the 2020-21 budget includes a K-3 class size of 17 to maximize state revenue. If the actual class size is higher than 17 the State will reduce funding equivalent to the staff savings. As a result, there is no cost to maintain the K-3 class size of 17.

  • Outdoor Education (Osprey Camp). The budget includes $95k for 5th Grade Camp. Funding was achieved by reducing classified extra hours and requiring all 2020-21 extra hours to be pre- approved. Due to COVID, this more than likely will not happen for the 20-21 sy. We will make sure this funding is available for the 21-22sy.

  • Dual Language. T&L formed a committee and the 2020-21 budget includes $30k for a dual language kindergarten program at Tukwila Elementary in 2020-21. This program will expand to kindergarten and first grade at Tukwila Elementary in 2021-22 and will progress into other grades thereafter. Funding is provided through an iGrant. Due to Covid, we will start with dual language in kindergarten next year. It will be just kindergarten class in English/Spanish at Tukwila Elementary School.
  • Pre K in all elementary schools. The district will provide ECEAP, Head Start, and Voices of Tomorrow at Thorndyke and ECEAP and ECSE (Early Childhood Special Education) at Cascade View and the district continues to explore options for Tukwila Elementary. –We are in talks with PSESD. We will keep you posted.
  • Review needs for increased Community Liaisons (e.g. Vietnamese, Arabic/Farsi)- Vietnamese is priority. Working on a funding source.

  • Increase support for the Arts, specifically Band, Choir, Drama.- Meetings of the minds would play a huge part in the what this plan would looks like and desired outcomes. Having a meeting with the department heads would be the first step.

#3 Ensure and communicate structures of sustainability and continuity are in place that result in increased student, staff, and community commitment to and ownership of the direction of the district.

  • Communications. School based and administration stipends will continue in 2020-21 in the same form as 2019-20. The 2029-21 budget includes $3,000 in stipends. The Admin office is looking into hiring this position and not effecting the 8% threshold of Central office expenses.
  • Financial Stability    
    • Performance Audits, every 5 years per policy 6550
    • Ending Fund Balance between 3% to 4% for 2020-21.
    • Ending Fund Balance 6% for 2021-22.
    • Utilize all available funds effectively for the benefit of our students, e.g. no give backs or money left on the table.
  • Safety Issues
    • Immunizations. There is no cost for the district to be compliant with WA  State law. 
    • Lead in water faucets. Retest all faucets after construction and every      tree years (all below 5ppb with plan to get all below 1 ppb.  See DOH guidelines). Testing was completed in 2019 and all faucets with 1ppb or higher were replaced in 2019-20. 
    • Ventilation evaluation of current systems and their capacity. Create a      plan for future upgrades to address air quality/exchanges/filters.
  • School lunch nutritional standard. OSPI confirmed Tukwila’s nutritional standards met or exceeded nutritional standards during its 2019-20 audit. In addition, the district offers a vegetarian option at every school and at every meal period regardless on whether the students eats at school or picks up a meal to eat remotely. - We were audited for the summer food program at the end of 19/20 and there were no findings.

#4 Design a recruitment and on-boarding system that hires, retains, empowers and provides leadership pathways for high quality staff that believe in the direction of the district.

  •  Hire a workforce reflective our of community.


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