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A message from the Tukwila School District Board of Directors:

To our District Community, 

We are writing to inform you of some action steps that we have and will continue to take as a district to more firmly align us with our vision for an inclusive and equitable school system. 

The purpose of the Tukwila School District (TSD) is to nurture each student so that they are well equipped for a world of infinite possibilities. We are committed to creating and sustaining great schools where every student—without exception—feels seen, heard, honored, and valued. The book Belonging Through a Culture of Dignity describes dignity as “the innate, equal worth of each human being simply because that person is human.” We, the Tukwila School Board, believe that dignity, worthiness, value and belonging are the birthrights of every human being. Our shared belief in the dignity of all who learn, work or visit Tukwila is why we as leaders continue to strive to build a better community for our district and the Tukwila Community.

Over the course of the next few months we will be working at implementing long standing policies, at the school building and administrative levels, to ensure our district is honoring the dignity and rights of transgender, non-binary and gender expansive people throughout our community. This will include steps to create a stronger infrastructure of safety and support through:

  • expanded professional development

  • education for staff and students

  • examination and shift of our language and physical environments to be inclusive of all genders

  • developing a strong system of accountability. 

The first of these action steps is taking place at Foster High school with the opening of gender neutral restrooms. This action not only aligns with the values of the Tukwila School District, it ensures compliance of our legal obligations to ensure the rights of every student and staff are met.

As our district moves forward in this work we understand that this may bring up questions, uncertainty and discomfort. We want to honor the differences of perspective, understanding, and comfort, while adhering to our shared belief and responsibility to ensure the dignity of everyone within Tukwila School District. We invite you to participate, learn, and grow with us as we continue to build the best learning environment for all our students.

For questions please contact school board at or Superintendent Herndon at