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Dual Language

Tukwila School District hopes to start the Dual Language Programming with parents and community input and planning.

We look forward to start our program soon!

A Vision for Dual Language Education in Washington StateĀ 

Parent and Student Voice for Dual Language Education in Washington StateĀ 

What is a Dual Language Program?

Dual language is a form of bilingual education in which students are taught literacy and content in two languages. 

A majority of dual language programs in the US teach in English and Spanish, although other languages are increasingly being taught, often based on the home languages of students. Dual language programs usually start in kindergarten and extend for at least five years through elementary school. Many dual language programs continue into middle and high school.


Tukwila’s Dual Language Program serves all students in a culturally and linguistically sustaining environment. However, for our first stage of Dual Language Programming, we will focus on Spanish and English as part of instruction. If you have a home language other than Spanish or English, your child is still welcome into the program. In fact, research illustrates the value of  dual language environments for all students since it accentuates language and linguistic flexibility, making students more versed in language generally. 

 The three pillars for all dual language participating students are:

  • Bilingualism and biliteracy

  • High academic achievement

  • Sociocultural competency

In order to achieve these goals, our program includes the following features:

  • Each classroom will have an equal number of students whose home languages are English, Spanish, or another language.

  • Students will work together in cooperative groups and with their “dual-lingual buddy.”

  • Students will be taught to develop bridges between what they have learned in one language for use in their second or third language.

  • Ongoing language acquisition and academic assessment to determine student needs will be performed in both languages.

  • Students will achieve socio-cultural competency by being immersed and embraced in a culturally and linguistically sustaining environment.