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Where & When

The program will start in the Fall of 2022. We are still determining which elementary school(s) will host the program.


The application for entry into the dual language program will be available August 2021.

Program Enrollment

Parents who want their child in the bilingual program must fill out an enrollment application. A balance of approximately 50% home-language Spanish speakers and 50% English or other language speakers will be accepted into the program. For students who are not accepted, they will be put on a waiting list. A lottery method will be used to select students from the waiting list once there is an opening.


We are still in the process of deciding on curriculum and the frameworks from on which the curriculum will be based.


We monitor students’ academic progress using a variety of district and state assessments. In order to monitor how students are developing biliteracy, beginning in first grade we use the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) or Achieving Reading Comprehension (ARC) or its partner assessment in Spanish, Evaluación del Desarrollo de la Lectura (EDL), together to see a full picture of each student as a reader in both English and Spanish.


We love when parents and guardians are involved with schools and teachers. Such engagement leads to better student success. Parents should know that for the best bilingual outcome for their child, you should encourage the following before enrolling in the program:

  • Continuously enroll in the program through sixth grade

  • Work with the child at home in their native language to continue to develop her/his language and academic skills through materials supplied by the school

  • Show interest in learning your child’s second language

  • Engage in parent meetings and school functions

  • Advocate for the program

If you would like to have a voice in dual and multilingual programing, please contact Stephanie Chen at or 206-901-8019