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Emergency Procedures

Parents/Guardians have a key role in our school’s emergency plans.  They can assist our school by helping with preparation before the emergency, and by being informed of what to do during and after an emergency.


  • Make sure the school has accurate contact information so parents/guardians can be reached in case of an emergency. Multiple contact sources are helpful, including home, work and cell phone numbers and email addresses.
  • In case parents/guardians cannot be reached, make sure we have up-to-date names and contact information for all family members, friends and another adults authorized to pick up your child from school.
  • Talk to your child about your family’s personal emergency plans. For help in getting started with a family plan, click here.
  • Stay informed about potential serious situations – such as inclement weather.
  • Monitor local media when conditions arise that might result in school evacuation, early dismissal, late start or school closing. All major TV and Radio stations will be notified, phone calls will be made using our school messenger system, and information will be posted on the district website. The City of Tukwila also has an emergency radio station that you can listen to for information from the City – AM 1640.
  • Notify the school immediately if you see or hear of anything that could create a danger at school. If you prefer, you may use our SafeSchools Alert website by clicking here or by sending a text to 425-276-7059.


  • Do not call or go to the school. We recognize this will be the first thing you want to do, but it is important for you to know that calling the school will tie up phone lines that must be used for emergency communications with staff, parents and emergency responders.  Please do not go to the school unless you have been notified to do so.  It is extremely important for your child’s safety that first responders be able to enter/exit the campus without being impeded by traffic.
  • Monitor TV/Radio stations for instructions and updates. Remember that the school messenger and email notification system will also be implemented.
  • Do not call your child’s cell phone. Depending on the situation, students may have been instructed to turn off their cell phone to help ensure their safety.


  • When the situation allows, students will either continue with the school day, be released to go home as normal, or our emergency reunification procedures will be enacted.
  • Depending on the situation, counselors will be made available to support students emotional needs.

Emergency Reunification Plan:

If our school’s emergency reunification plans are activated be aware of the following:

  • Listen to local news media/radio to find out where you should go to pick up your student and/or follow the instructions sent out on the school messenger system.
  • Students will ONLY be released to persons identified in your child’s computer record as being an authorized individual to pick up your child. An older sibling not SPECFICALLY listed as an emergency contact is NOT an authorized individual.
  • Photo Identification will be required of the individual picking up the student. Be prepared to show the identification several times.
  • Follow instructions of staff at the reunification center to help the process go smoothly and quickly.