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Who needs a library when you've got Google? Everyone! 

Your library is where you can come when you've got questions and you're not sure where or how to find the answers. Your library is where you can come when you want to explore your interests. Your library is where you can create - either alone or with friends. Your library is where you can find literature that will blow your mind and enrich your life. The space and the resources are yours and we're here to help you use them.

Cascade View Elementary School
Cascade View Library Catalog
THorndyke  LIbrary catalog
Tukwila Library catalog
Showalter Library Catalog
Foster Library Catalog

Library Staff

Yvonne Chesak

Teacher Librarian
Tukwila Elementary

Kyla Crawford

Teacher Librarian
Thorndyke Elementary

Maria Flack

Teacher Librarian
Showalter Middle School

Maggie Shay

Teacher Librarian
Foster High School

Monica Sutton

Library Material Technician
Service Center

Kari Young

Library Media Technician
Foster High School, Showalter Middle School