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Student Handbook


The Tukwila District seeks to provide opportunities and experiences that assist students in becoming responsible, self-controlled individuals, capable of and willing to fulfill their roles as participating citizens. It is intended students will learn to respect rules and regulations of conduct.

The Tukwila School District believes parents and guardians are important partners in the process of corrective action. To this end, school authorities shall make every reasonable attempt to involve the parent or guardian and the student in the resolution of student misconduct problems.

The corrective action policies of the Tukwila School District are based on humanitarian principles and ideals that recognize the dignity and worth of each student. District policy supports the concept that discipline is essential to the maintenance of school programs and the positive development of the total individual. It is expected students will conduct themselves as responsible citizens.

This handbook is adopted and distributed pursuant to RCW 28A.600.010 and WAC Chapter 392-400, which prescribe substantive and procedural due process rights of students, and should be interpreted in accordance with those regulations. A copy of all applicable board policies, procedures, statutes and regulations mentioned herein may be obtained from the Office of the Superintendent or on the district website at

This handbook also complies with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, P.L. 101-226.

Compliance with standards of conduct is mandatory.


This handbook highlights Tukwila School District policies and procedures and state/federal laws, rules, and regulations for the information of students and parents. It is not intended as a replacement of more detailed documents that may be consulted in any school office upon request: the School Discipline Plan, the District Policy Manual, Collective Bargaining Agreements, the common school portions of the Revised Code of Washington, and the Washington Administrative Code. By school board action, this handbook is an authoritative publication of the district: Its contents have official status.

A primary responsibility of the Tukwila School District and its staff is the development of an understanding and appreciation of our representative form of government, the rights and responsibilities of the individual, and the legal processes whereby necessary changes are brought about.

The school is a community. The rules and regulations of a school are the laws of that community. All those enjoying the rights of citizenship in the school community must also accept the responsibilities of citizenship. A basic responsibility of those who enjoy the rights of citizenship is to respect the laws of the community. Young people in the Tukwila School District have the right to receive a free public education. The deprivation of that right may occur only for just cause and in accordance with due process of law.

Teachers, administrators, and parents have rights, duties, and obligations in this process. Teachers are required by law to maintain a suitable environment for learning. Administrators have the responsibility for maintaining and facilitating the educational program. Parents have the responsibility to help students meet their obligations under district rules and regulations.

Each teacher and school administrator, following prescribed procedures, has the authority to remove students temporarily from a class or to discipline students for cause. Those persons designated by the superintendent are authorized to discipline students and to impose suspensions or expulsions for cause. A detailed listing of rights, responsibilities, and authority of school personnel with respect to the discipline of students as prescribed by state law and district rules and regulations are available in this handbook and for study at each district building.

The following rules, regulations, and due process procedures are designed to protect all members of the educational community in the exercise of their rights and duties, in all aspects of their school experience, including attendance in classes, riding school buses, and participation in interschool athletic competition.
It should be noted that the community, school personnel, and students themselves have high expectations for the responsible behavior of student leaders, athletes, and others who represent the district in student activities.

Nothing in this statement of rights and responsibilities shall be considered to limit the due process rights of students, parents, or school personnel nor their use of appropriate district grievance procedures.